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Events We Host

"Experience elegance amidst nature at Ridhira Retreat, where extraordinary events come to life. Our venues, a fusion of luxury and scenic beauty, promise unforgettable celebrations."

Birthday Parties

It’s always been a delight for us to see how kids to young adults and beloved seniors enjoy their birthdays at Ridhira Retreat. Celebrate the people in your life by throwing them a memorable birthday party at a stunning lakefront venue, which can also transform into the wonderland of their favourite dreams!


Leave the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary for your big day. Why confine celebrations inside four walls when you can open it up to spacious lawns by a serene lake? Opt for lakeside/sunset weddings at Ridhira Retreat and create an enchanting experience like no other.


Set the stage on fire for your sangeet night at Ridhira Retreat. An event space both breathtakingly beautiful and expansive for you to celebrate to the fullest, as the beats pick pace, energies begin to soar sky-high, loved ones gather and together you create new memories to last a lifetime.


A venue so versatile that it can transform into your unique vision - that’s Ridhira Retreat. From lush tropical gardens, expansive green lawns, cool blue pool, Bali-themed cottages, breathtaking lakefront with sunset views, and a classy banquet hall, our event space is teeming with frames that can make your photoshoot look truly extraordinary.


A haldi celebration straight out of a Bollywood movie is no longer a far-fetched dream. At Ridhira Retreat, celebrations happen the way you envision it, be it a pool party or garden party. Spread the cheer and yellow, as you dance your way to the big day of your life!


Wedding engagement - the exquisite beginning to a magnificent journey of togetherness. Hold the hand of your loved one and officially invite them into your life in the presence of your friends and family, in a luxurious venue that befits the sanctity of the occasion!

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