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All you need to know about Sangeet Parties

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Planning your pre-marital functions like a Sangeet program? Dreaming about the aesthetically pleasing venues and backdrops you have seen at your favorite celebrity’s wedding Sangeet? Or eyeing the decor from your friend/colleague’s Sangeet program?

Planning a Sangeet party can be an overwhelming task for many. There are venues to look for , the decor, food menu, themes, outfits, and whatnot. It takes a village to reach that dream Sangeet party.

You have come to just the right place to plan your Sangeet program.

We wish your marriage was made in heaven, but you won’t regret a Sangeet party celebrated with us because it would be no less than that.

Crazy and fun ideas for a Sangeet party

Nowadays, couples look for out-of-the-box elements that could be more fun for the crowd and a symbol of their own personalities. Adding creative and fresh ideas to your Sangeet party can bring lots of fun to the table.

While following ritualistic and traditional ceremonies of tying the knot, you might feel a little zoned out. Modern-day couples accept that these long rituals become tiring and a little boring. It is the fun that keeps people alive during such functions.

Your Sangeet party can be a perfect blend of both fun ideas and ritualistic ceremonies.

Looking for fun ideas to amp up the crazy night? Here are a few ideas:

  • Performance of Grandparents/elders of the family

Weddings can be emotional, and at emotional times we look up to the beloved elders of the family. It will be great to witness them show off a few dance moves or flex their experience-filled voice with an expressive song.

  • Karaoke Night

A lot of us have a lot of our emotions hidden in songs and melodies. To express the love and companionship that marriage represents through songs together is a beautiful idea.

Bonus tip: You can even have a face-off competition between the groom and bride’s families for those who prefer singing over dancing. Give points when people sing even missing lyrics, and get creative like this.

  • Set up retro and theme-based photo booths

It is the era where photos speak more than stories. Get some burden off your photographer’s shoulders, and set up a cute photo booth where guests can click their own photos and get them printed.

Guests will always have a souvenir from your special day, and a great night deserves to be remembered!

Bonus tip: Use polaroid cameras to give a retro look. Retro films would add a lot to aesthetic lovers.

  • Flash mob

This is for the ones who love to dance. Or for those who have guests who love to dance.

Surprise your guests by having an extravagant flash mob with heart-thumping tunes. Join the flash mob and invite everyone to join in. Dance your heart out!

  • Dressing rooms

Thinking of dancing your heart out, it is uncomfortable to dance your heart out when you are dressed in traditional attire. Heavy lehengas, embroidered and bulky sherwanis, and to add to that, heeled shoes.

So give your guests the comfort of dressing rooms. You can mention in the invitation so that they bring their own pair of change of clothes and shoes. Now ensure that all your guests look their best and dance their hearts out.

  • AWARDS for the WIN!

Awards are a fun way to celebrate the relationship you share with your family members. You can give awards to people who won the games organized or give general awards. They sound like this:

  • The best dressed

  • The best dancer

  • The coolest mom/dad /bother/sibling

The possibilities are endless.

  • Late night/ Sunrise snacks

After ensuring that your guests have had a blast through the night, you will be remembered if you provide refreshing snacks for them. It will also help them stay fresh for coming functions.

Make sure to include delicious and healthy items to help them fight the fatigue of dancing till their feet hurt.

These were some of the ideas that can make your Sangeet party stand out. But make sure to experiment, and be creative with your experiments.

Planning a Sangeet Party? Everything you need to consider

  • Decor

A Sangeet party’s decor is usually a treat to the senses. With rich, flamboyant displays of culture and heritage, decor can play a huge role in making your Sangeet night memorable.

Choose a theme for the night, and plan the decor accordingly. Bollywood nights, retro, and pajama parties, to name a few. It largely depends on your preferences.

  • Dance and Music

Sangeet parties are known for Dance and music. Make sure to have enough space for your guests to dance it out, and terrific music to complement it.

Once all the performances are over, make sure to join them and have fun!

  • Food and Drinks

Wedding Sangeet parties can be tiring because of all the dancing involved. So make sure to have delicious food and drinks ready so that nobody gets tired throughout the night.

Getting Caterers who do the job perfectly is an underrated yet most helpful job. Arranging food and drinks is getting half the job done.

  • Photography

In all the buzz of arranging everything, do not forget to capture these beautiful moments of your life!

Professional photographers who help you look gorgeous will help you cherish these happy memories for a lifetime.

  • Costumes

And lastly, decide the costumes of the brides and grooms and your beloved family members. Theme-based outfits are going around in the trendy world right now.

Get creative, and have fun with what you are wearing!

Why you should host your Sangeet Parties at the Ridhira Retreat?

Ridhira Retreat is located at Gandipet. It is an aesthetic and beautiful place for your special days. Ridhira Retreat is spread over two and a half acres of mind-blowing nature. With greenery, pools, royal pavilions, and colonial bandstands, your special day will become extra special with Ridhira Retreat.

We can comfortably accommodate up to 1000 guests on our lush green lawns and have a lot of other amenities you might love. We organize wedding Sangeet and other such marital rituals to make your special day memorable.

To know more about us, simply give a call on 9100888643 or 9121232288.

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