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Reasons Why You Should Do an Outdoor Wedding in Hyderabad

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

A wedding is a moment which everyone fantasizes about. It is a celebration in one’s life which is eagerly awaited, not just by the bride and groom, but their families, friends, and relatives.

Such a special moment must have an unforgettable celebration associated with it and therefore selecting the perfect venue for this grand ceremony is of high priority. This decision will directly affect the mood, grace, and fun of the day.

Destination weddings are a popular choice amongst couples and an open event venue is sought after to get freedom and space. Amongst the most popular choices in this list is the city of Hyderabad for ritualizing this precious day.

Hyderabad, the City of Nizams, has the essence of royalty. Not just royalty, but the City of Pearls has a lot to offer when it comes to choosing a perfect place for a wedding. Destination weddings are a dream for many and no wonder a city like Hyderabad can adorn this wish with its magnificent beauty.

Here are some key reasons which accentuate wedding in Hyderabad as a charming choice:

  • Relish royalty in a regal ambiance Hyderabad is a royal destination and for a wedding event, this splendor of the place is like a feather in the cap. The city owns a history of royal culture and therefore offers a royal setup for experiencing the stately allure. The city has it in this opportunity to have a magnificent experience on this special day for the couple.

  • Food delicacies and rich culture Hyderabad is culturally and religiously diverse. This diversity of the city creates a homely feel which ensures everyone is cozy with the event venue. The rich diversity of the place is not limited to its culture but can be seen in its cuisines. One can expect to have exquisite meals and dine of their choice along with the flavor of popular wide-ranging dishes of the region.

  • An array of event venues to choose from The city is highly regarded for planning varied events like corporate retreats, weddings, and many more. As a result, huge numbers of easy-to-find open event venues are available in Hyderabad to host receptions and all cognate ceremonies effortlessly. A few names to speak about include the Taj Falaknuma Palace and the Chowmahalla Palace which offer a regal outdoor wedding venue. Other option like Ridhira Retreat, a perfect place for private events with a lush green ambiance, has appreciable hospitality and catering services. The Vintage Palace has an indoor banquet hall and a lawn. Eden Garden Function Palace, Our Palace Banquet Hall, and many more open event venues in the city are easily searchable to roll out a final choice.

  • City aesthetics perfect for cinematography This city is filled with captivating scenic beauties to adore the wedding album. Sites located in the city and event venues are graceful enough to make the cinematography look no less than a dream reel. The place has spectacular scenic beauty and historic palaces that can add an imperial touch to the wedding album.

  • Convenience and comfort Being a developed city, Hyderabad is well-equipped with modern amenities and resources. The city is well connected and offers convenience and comfort in organizing the event. The event venues located in the city offer hassle-free event planning to ease out the process and make the day as special as one would dream about.

  • Modest overall budget A dream event in the most affordable package is going to prioritize Hyderabad in the list. The city comes in with inevitable beauty and a modest overall budget adds to the perks one would get while opting for Hyderabad. The overall budget including stay, food, decor, and transportation would sum up to a fairly low cost as compared to other available options. Having a regal wedding ceremony at a humble pricing model is not what every other city can offer.

  • Cherish lasting memories of the all-embracing fun Hyderabad is a city filled with fun, royalty, mouth-watering cuisines, shops, and much more that people can explore. Picking this city for the wedding is going to be an unforgettable memory for everyone attending the event.


A wedding is a lasting memory and holds a very special space in one’s heart. Hyderabad provides an opportunity to have a ceremony filled with grandeur at easy prices and comfort. Snatching this opportunity would provide a dual benefit of having a sophisticated celebration and exploring a city whose charm would catch everyone’s interest.


  • Is Hyderabad a good choice for a destination wedding? Hyderabad is a coveted option for a destination wedding. The city is a sought-after location in India for a destination wedding. Of all the choices available, Hyderabad offers unique perks of affordable price and a wide range of elegant event venues. The city is well-connected and developed with less hassle to conduct a gracious wedding event.

  • Does Hyderabad offer good venues for a wedding event with accommodation? Absolutely, yes! Hyderabad, being a metropolitan hub, has many event venue options available. These venues have enough capacity to comfortably accommodate members in a big family event like a wedding with reliable guest services.

  • Do the event venues in Hyderabad provide services other than venues? Yes, they do. It is easy as pie to find event venues in Hyderabad that offer comprehensive services including catering, decoration, transportation, artists for make-up, photography, entertainment, and much more. They ease out the entire wedding planning process for families.

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