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Why you should host your Corporate Event at Ridhira Retreat

Corporate events play a huge role in establishing a relationship amongst employees that is more than professional.

It is a well-known fact that the Covid pandemic put a hold on making meaningful relationships not just at work but everywhere, given the restrictions. And probably that is why, more people now are managing and hosting a corporate event.

Not us, but statistics show that 88% of companies are getting back on track with respect to planning entertaining and relaxing offline team events in 2022.

With such a rise in the number, you need to know why these corporate events are held, what impact it brings to your team and how you can plan the best corporate event.

Bonus, if you manage to stay till the end of this blog, you will also get to know the best place if you are planning a corporate event.

Importance of planning a corporate event- Why should you host it?

If there is anything you need to know about managing the workforce in today’s scenario, it is that long gone are the days when office friendships stayed in the office. Today’s generation loves to make meaningful real-life friends and is always looking for quality time together.

Giving your team time to bond with each other will make them understand each other as people more than just colleagues. This helps them make a great team that can work together more effectively.

Studies reveal that 50% of companies who plan their first corporate event usually pick a team-building event.

Such a positive dynamic among team members can do wonders for the efficiency and the overall morale of the team.

Besides, what is a better way to reward your beloved employees than giving them quality time?

Because time is the most valuable possession.

The other reason why hosting a corporate event is that seldom do we get enough time and opportunity to network the right way during the hustle and bustle of the office days. Lost networking time means lost opportunities.

You will be amazed at the new opportunities that can arise just by your team members networking properly.

And finally, hosting a corporate event brings in a sense of togetherness between team members. Because of the competitive environment, it can be overwhelming to feel like you are competing with your own teammates.

Corporate events are a way of reinforcing how the organization backs up these hardworking individuals, displaying camaraderie and affection for colleagues.

Already visualizing the amazing time you want to have with your work besties?

Keep reading!

Types of corporate events

There are different types of corporate events that serve different purposes. These events not only are a great time off work but also make the employee’s time more valuable at work by improving their efficiency and commitment to the firm.

Here are some different types of corporate events that can help to not only network but do so much more-

  • Seminars and Conferences

Make your employees feel heard by listening to what they have to say on popular industry insights and newly emerging trends in conferences. Conferences also help a great deal in decision-making processes.

You can hold seminars to enrich your employees with knowledge and make it a great learning experience for them. This inculcates the value of growth in them and can help them improve their skill sets.

  • Team Building events

Brainstorming ideas, and making mind maps, all are great team-building events. This brings fresh concepts and various ideas to the table that no individual person can construct.

A great team can execute tasks and plans more effectively, and that is precisely what team-building events aim to do.

  • Product launches or Trade expos

One of the best ways to showcase your thought leadership in the industry is by hosting product launch events and trade expos.

These help in gaining great insights into the industry insights, market analysis, and networking with thought leaders.

Trade shows and product launches will also help you get brand awareness, and establish a unique voice in the market. These things set you apart from competitors and bring more leads.

  • Charity events

A great way to personalize your brand is through charity events.

If you want your audience to relate to you and recognize your personality through your brand, there is no other easy way than charity events. More than that, you are showing the causes you support, and that is what matters.

Charity events are great ways to give back to the community and endorse social causes.

Tips for event management

Below mentioned are some quick tips for planning a corporate event-

  • Outline a desired outcome of the event. Is it a team-building event or do you want to promote networking? Is it a charity event or do you want to endorse your brand?

  • Prepare the list of attendees.

  • Work within a budget, and stick to it.

  • Pick a venue! Speaking of the venue, we have just the right one for you. Click here to know more.

  • Plan ahead and let everyone know the plan well ahead of time.

Having the logistics planned will help you save precious time and energy between work days.

Why you should host your corporate event at the Ridhira Retreat

Finding venues that are ready to host moderately large to huge teams can be quite difficult, especially in places such as Hyderabad. And getting these bookings on weekends when families and friends go out together is more difficult.

But in Hyderabad itself, you have Ridhira Retreat. The most calming and aesthetic location for all your corporate events.

We are located at Gandipet and can be located quite easily due to the majestic setting.

Relax by the outdoor swimming pool, take a calming breath on the lakefront, or relax and rejuvenate yourself in the luxurious cottages.

Ridhira Retreat is an amazing place to host business meetings and corporate events. Our interior premises can cater to around 15 to 20 people and the lawns can hold up to 800 guests for large teams.

Irrespective of your team size, we are here to make your corporate event successful.

Click here to know more about us.

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